Crossbows For Your Budget

Are you a fan of archery and are looking to buy yourself a crossbow but a bit apprehensive because you have a tight budget? Worry no more there are crossbows out there that are sold at different price range. Rest assured you will find one that will fit your budget.


Barnett Jackal Crossbow

This crossbow is manufactured by Barnett, one of the most well-known producers of crossbows and is the best compound for those on a tight budget: Its quiver can be removed from the body, has a red dot that serves as a sight, and comes along with a set of arrows. It is powerful enough to turn small targets to shreds so when doing drills with the crossbow, be sure to use bigger and thicker targets.

Velocity:                        315 feet/second

Draw Weight:                 150 pounds

Power Stroke:                12 inches

Shooting Range:            25 yards up to 100

Barnett Penetrator

This crossbow is the best low-priced compound and is very affordable. It doesn’t need frequent fixes, and can be used for quite a long time. It comes with a crank cocking device that can be smoothly cocked by using a handle. The handle though, does not come with the package and can be bought separately.

Velocity:                         350 feet / second

Draw Weight:                 105 pounds

Shooting Range:            30 yards or more

Barnett Buck Commander Extreme

The Buck Commander is the best lower mid-range compound. It has a triggering system that prevents the release of an angled string when there is no arrow sitting where there should be one, to be able to shoot a target. It is designed for 20 inches long arrows. Moreover, it comes with an illuminated crossbow optical scope.

Velocity:                         365 feet / second

Draw Weight:                 185 pounds

Power Stroke:                13.375 inches

Shooting Range:            40 yards or more

Warranty:                       5 Years

Barnett Ghost 410 Package

Whether you are an amateur at archery, an expert, or somewhere in between, the Barnett Ghost 410 is the best crossbow you can find in the upper-mid-range compound price range. It is equipped with everything you need to be able to hunt including arrows. It is very easy to put together and is with a design and a Carbonlite riser that makes it super steady and comfortable to use even beginners can shoot like pros. And the best of all, its riser is incorporated with a foot stirrup.

Velocity:                         410 feet / second

Draw Weight:                 145 pounds

Shooting Range:            40 yards or more

TenPoint Vapor Crossbow

But if you have the money, why not go for the best high-end compound? The TenPoint Vapor Crossbow is impressively lightweight, and utilizes TenPoint’s parallel limb solution, it lessens the axle-to-axle dimensions of the crossbow so it is very comfortable to carry everywhere especially when hunting. It comes with the RangeMaster Pro scope which is known to deliver quite remarkably. It has an extraordinary quality that will last for a very long time. It is truly one of the best and highly suggested crossbow for those who are not budget restricted. The carrying sling is sold separately though.

Velocity:                         360 feet / second

Draw Weight:                 Less than 7 pounds

If the crossbow of your preference is not on the list above, there are sites about crossbows or sites which contains archery resource such as the Astraightarrow. Visit their website at

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